Top 10 Most Popular Music Genre

Every one of us wants to listen to the most popular music genre and sub-genre in the world. Music is the vast kingdom. There are so many genres. The list of popular genres is very long. But only some of them are popular genres, because of this other genres got affected. What is the popular music genre in the world according to you? Let’s see here how the evolution of music genres happened. Also, we will share the list of the popular music genre for you in this article.

List of 10 Most Popular Music Genre 

We will talk about the names of the popular music genre in the world and then we will see the list first and then discuss them briefly.

  1. Pop
  2. Hip-hop, and Rap
  3. Rock
  4. Dance and Electric music
  5. Latin music
  6. Indie and Alternative Rock
  7. Classical music
  8. K – Pop
  9. Country
  10.  Metal

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Most Popular Music Genre

I think you all must have heard the popular music genre at least once. Let me tell you some interesting things about all popular music genres in the world.

  1. Pop


The pop word says itself that it is popular music. For example, the Beatles were pop.

For some decades pop music has become an international success that creates subgroups like R&B, soft rock, dance, etc. Ragtime artists such as Scott Joplin were regarded as pop artists in the 1900s.

  1. Hip-Hop and Rap

Hip-Hop and Rap

Many people don’t know about this genre when it came first in the 1970s. This music was born in the poorest district of New York City by Latino and African American teenagers. In the 21st-century hip – hop is becoming more popular music because it contains good rhythm, rapping, and witty lyrics. You can listen to this music casually while doing a workout and dance shows etc.

  1. Rocks


We can write a whole book on rock music and its sub-genres. But as of now, we stick to the basics. It started more than 70 years ago. And after that one by one subgroup of a genre is born. Eagles and America are groups of soft rocks. In the Haight-Ashbury district of San Fransisco psychedelic or acid-rock has been tried first. Epic composition is created by processing classical musical elements with rock In the 80s arena-rock was popular.

  1. Dance and Electric Music

Dance and Electric Music

This is the new way of musical digital resolution. In the 1980s and 1990s electric music get popular. Among the music, genre orchestras were still famous. This is the fourth music genre of the top 5 most popular music genres.

  1. Latin music

Latin music

Latin music was assumed as a niche genre in the seventies. In the last 40 years, it became more popular. Latin music range style Reggaeton to more traditional styles like Samba.

  1. Indie and Alternative rock

Indie and Alternative rock

DIY bands evolved over three decades. Alternative rock is the best popular music in India. Alternative Rock and Indie bands became famous throughout the Nineties.

  1. Classical music

Classical music

Classical music emerged in Western Europe in the middle ages. These compositions are usually religiously used by Church. A lot of the music played in symphonies is financed by loyalty. Some names of classical music are  Mozart & Beethoven-Classical, Bach & Vivaldi-Baroque, Copland & Holst-Modernist, and Wagner & Tchaikovsky-Romantic.

  1. K – Pop

K - Pop

K-pop is one of the most popular music among youngsters in Korea. It is now the most popular music genre in America.

  1. Country


This is the more popular among Americans and also the most popular music genre in Europe. Many artists add rock and pop to this music. A huge part of the game is acoustic guitars, banjos, beautiful voices.

  1. Metal


Metal is started as a sub-genre of rock first, but due to its popularity, it get separated. Because of Distorted guitars and fast drum fills it sorted into heavy metal.

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What Is The #1 Music Genre?

Pop is the #1 music genre in the world. There are so many types also like rap, jazz, rock, etc.

What Is The Most Used Music Genre?

The most popular music genre is

  1. Pop
  2. Hip-hop, and Rap
  3. Rock
  4. Dance and Electric music
  5. K – Pop

What Is The Most Popular Music Genre In 2021?

  1. Pop
  2. Hip-Hop
  3. Electronic Dance Music
  4. Rock.
  5. R&B.
  6. Latin music
  7. K-Pop
  8. Country.

What Is The Most Popular Genre Of Music 2020?

  1. Hip Hop/Rap
  2. Techno
  3. R&B
  4. Punk
  5. Country
  6. Indie Rock
  7. Electro
  8. Latin

What Is The Most Listened To Song?

“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 3.2 billion streams.

Who Has The Most #1 Hits Of All Time Any Genre?

Though unclear for how long, the Beatles still reign supreme as the artist with the most No. 1 songs of all time.

What Is The Current Music Trend?

Other trends

The continued rise of R&B and hip hop in popular music. Increased demand for lossless audio streaming. More artists reconsidering the importance of loudness and opting for less overcompression. Listeners are becoming increasingly less faithful to a single genre, and artists are following suit.


After reading this article you came to know about the top 10 music genres in the world. Also, you got to know about which music genres are popular in which country and year. And there are so many types of musical genres. We can use this genre on dance performance, also at the workout time, etc. We got information about the most popular music genre here.

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