10 Most Popular Superheroes

Most Popular Superheroes

We heard about the most popular superheroes of all time. We have watched our favorite superheroes and supervillains battle on screen for decades. We are very excited to see who would win the battle Marvel or DC? We will do the study of analyzed google search volumes across the world to find out which universe … Read more

Top 15 Popular Authors 

popular authors

You must understand how many popular authors are there. Finding the top authors is might difficult because all writers are best for something some are best for horror, romance, thriller, mystery, children’s, fantasy, novels, etc. But who are the top authors and which books are most loved by contemporary readers? The method of finding top … Read more

15 Popular Disney Characters

popular disney characters

For decades Disney gave us popular Disney characters. We will find out who are the best Disney characters of all time. Disney provided the most memorable characters with us. Who is the most popular Disney character? What do you think? I think there are so many characters. Let’s find out the names of popular Disney … Read more

Top 13 Popular Monsters

popular monsters

Is it true you might get scared while watching horror movies with popular monsters? You may be wondering whether monsters are myths or if are they real, isn’t it? So to know about famous dangerous monsters you will need to read this article completely. I will help you to know the fun and facts behind … Read more

Top 14 Popular Animators

Today we will read some interesting things about popular animators from all over the world. In this topic, I will describe to you some famous people who are known for their animation work. You will come to know what kind of animations are created by these famous animators. I will let you know about their … Read more

Top 11 Popular 90s Cartoons

Top 11 Popular 90s Cartoons

Have you seen the popular 90s cartoons yet or not? But wait do you what are the most popular 90s cartoons? No matter you are a small kid or an adult cartoons is loved by all.  Today I will take you back to your childhood if you enjoyed these cartoons in the 90s. But if … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princesses

most popular disney princesses

Disney has created various iconic characters. We will share the most popular Disney princesses here. children and adults all of us are inspired by several iconic characters. These are role models for all of us. Here I am sharing the list of the most popular Disney princesses. List Of Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princesses … Read more

Top 20 Popular 80s Bands

popular 80s bands

Are you glad to learn about the popular 80s bands? Many rock bands were formed in the 1980s and had a significant impact on the music culture of the time. True music fans are well aware of how the decade shaped the evolution of rock music. The 80s was a period of massive rock dominance, … Read more

20 Popular Black Actors

Popular Black Actors

We will find out the most popular black actors in this article. Hollywood is a big industry that gives work to countless actors. In the beginning, this industry was ruled by white actors and black has been given small roles. But as time goes black actors got equal opportunities and so in this way doors … Read more

Top 13 Popular Kpop Groups

popular kpop groups

If you are in the search of different popular kpop groups then I will help you with it. Today I will tell you about the various boys and girls k-pop groups that have created some best songs. You will come to know about the popular names of k-pop groups. I will tell you some new … Read more