Most Popular Sport In Canada

In this article, we will discuss the most popular sport in Canada. Canada is a sport-loving country and sports play an important role in Canadian’s life. All Canadian people are very enthusiastic and most of them love to watch sports daily. They also prefer to play professional sports. Canada’s winter sports are popular all over the world. Let us know some popular sports that are played in Canada. So let’s see what is the most popular sport in Canada

List of Most Popular Sports in Canada

There are so many sports popular in Canada. We will discover here the most popular sports in Canada. 

  1. Ice Hockey
  2. Lacrosse
  3. Canadian Football
  4. Baseball
  5. Cricket
  6. Soccer
  7. Basketball
  8. Rugby
  9. Curling
  10. Golf
  11. Tennis

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After knowing the list about what’s the most popular sport in Canada? Let us know something about these above-listed sports.

Most popular sport in Canada

Sports give perfect opportunities to Canadians to show their talent and for participating at international levels. Let’s see the popular sports in Canada.

  1. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Do you know what is the most popular sport played in Canada? The answer is Hockey. People say that Hockey is a home in Canada. Near about 1.3 million Canadian adults took part in 2010 in ice hockey. Canada is having 7 teams Calgary, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. Out of the teams, Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens are the most popular and favorite teams of hockey.

  1. Lacrosse


The Canada national sport is lacrosse. In 1859 and in 1994 it was declared a summer game. There are 2 teams, the National lacrosse league, for the box lacrosse league, and the Major League Lacrosse for the field lacrosse league. In 2006 Canada beat the US in World Lacrosse Championship.

  1. Canadian Football 

Canadian Football 

This is the 2nd most popular sport in Canada. Canadian football came from rugby football sports in the early 1860s.  Canadian Football League (CFL) is the Canadian National football league. This is the most-watched sport in Canada.

  1. Rugby


This is the 4th popular sport in Canada. In 1823 rugby was first introduced and in 1923 first played in Canada. Many domestic and professional competitions are conducted by Canadian Rugby League.

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  1. Baseball


Baseball is the most commonly played game in Canada. Minor league baseball is played in around 75 cities and towns of Canada. Labatt Park in Ontario is the oldest baseball park in Canada. The Toronto Blue Jays are the major league of baseball.

  1. Cricket


The National cricket team of Canada is allowed to participate in international one-day matches, but not allowed in test matches. In 1979, 2003, 2007, 2011 Canada participated in cricket world cup matches.

  1. Soccer


What do you say is soccer popular in Canada? Yes, soccer is most popular in both men and women. Canada takes part in Major League Soccer, United Soccer League, and Canadian Premier League for professional soccer. In 2006 2.6 million Canadians played soccer according to FIFA. Soccer is the most popular women’s sport in Canada.  In the FIFA World Ranking, Canada’s men’s national soccer team ranked at 78th, and the Women’s national soccer team ranked at 7th. Soccer is the most popular sport in Canada in 2020.

  1. Basketball


In 1946 Professional basketball started in Canada but it became popular in 1994.Most of the youngsters between 3 to 17 play basketball in Canada. It is the 6th most playing sport in Canada. Basketball is invented by a Canadian named James Naismith back in 1891. Canada participates in international basketball tournaments like FIBA Basketball World Cup and the summer Olympics.

  1. Curling


Curling sport in Canada is related to the military which is brought from Scotland to Canada. It is the best winter sport where anyone can participate. On the curling sheet of ice, two teams of four players slide heavy granite rocks, called stones, a circle marked toward the house on the ice. Canada is very popular for its men’s and women’s national championships and Olympic trials curling.

  1. Golf

Do you know that the third-biggest golfing nation is Canada? The first golf club in Canada was Montreal Golf Club which was founded in 1873. From 1850 to 1900 centuries Canadians started playing golf. In golf, by using different clubs we have to hit a ball into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes. Recreational courses have 9 holes, instead of that typical golf courses have an arrange of 18 holes. Golf has taken 10th place in popular games in Canada.

  1. Tennis


Tennis is another popular sport in Canada. It is founded in 1890. In-country tennis, Canada currently acts as the governing body of this sport. Tennis is played in between 2 teams of 2 players or individually.

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What Is The Most Popular Sport In Canada?

Ice hockey is the most popular in Canada. There are many more popular sports in Canada like,

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Baseball etc.

What Is The Most Popular Sport Played In Canada?

Soccer is a popular game since 1876. This is the most played sport in Canada. In 2006 about 2.7 million people took part in soccer.

What Is The Main Canadian Sport?

Soccer is overall the main Canadian sport. There are many more sports played in Canada. Out of that Ice hockey (in winter) and lacrosse (in summer) are the main national sports of Canada.

What Is The Fastest Growing Sport In Canada?

But the paddle and ball can make a racket. Pickleball is a growing sport that appeals to people of all ages and abilities. Some residents who live near outdoor courts have complained about the noise.

Is Canada A Sporty Country?

Canada has a wide range of popular sports from ice hockey to curling. Lacrosse is one of its most popular sports and traditionally has Native American roots. Other popular games include basketball, baseball, football and ice hockey. Lacrosse was declared Canada’s national game in 1859.


Here we saw that sport plays a very significant role in Canadians’ life. Sport in the heart of the country. Hockey, lacrosse, soccer is the main sport in Canada. In the above article, we realize that sports make a big impact on the people of Canada. Sport also plays an important role to make people active and enthusiastic and also helps them to adapt to that cold climatic conditions. What are you waiting for from now engage yourself in playing some sport like these Canadians.

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