Top 19 Popular Japanese Snacks

If you are in Japan then you should try these popular Japanese snacks because every one of us is a foodie by heart. You will love these different Japanese food items that I am going to explain in this article. I will tell about candies, chips, rolls, treats, and many other delicious snacks famous in Japan. You will eagerly wait to eat them all after reading the amazing facts and what these popular Japanese snacks look like.

List Of 19 Popular Japanese Snacks

Here is the list of the top popular Japanese snacks that you might see for the first time.

  1. Famichiki
  2. Dorayaki
  3. Melon Pan
  4. Japanese Kitkat Chocolates
  5. Hi-Chew
  6. Kinoko no Yama
  7. Dried Hoshiume Plums
  8. Konjac Drink
  9. Baby Star
  10. Onigiri
  11. Kokuto Walnuts
  12. Mochi
  13. Jagariko Potato Sticks
  14. Kabukiage Rice Crackers
  15. Chicken Karaage
  16. Seaweed Chips And Strips
  17. Biscuits
  18. Pizza Potato Chips
  19. Daifuku

Top 19 Popular Japanese Snacks

Let us begin to read about the 19 popular Japanese snacks and know why they are tasty to eat.

  1. Famichiki


You may not miss the Famichiki if you are buying things from a shopping store in Japan. This is a popular Japanese snack food made curiously by frying chicken. When you eat this snack you will find the outer part super crunchy but the inner portion of the chicken is soft and delicious. You can select the mild and spicy flavours of this snack at your taste bud’s convenience.

  1. Dorayaki


Dorayaki is a lovely sweet pancake but a most popular snack in japan from traditional times. You might have seen the Doraemon cartoon and it appears to have the same look. It is a pancake sandwich filled with stuffing called anko nowadays available in different Japanese local flavours.

  1. Melon Pan

Melon Pan

If you are hungry and want to have some sweet bread then Melon Pan is the one snack which you can purchase from bakeries, stores or marts in Japan. It is a light lump-shaped bread coated with mild sugar that has perfect flavours of strawberry, chocolate and other local Japanese flavours. A cream-filled melon pan bread is also available.

  1. Japanese Kitkat Chocolates

Japanese Kitkat Chocolates

Japanese KitKat chocolates are unique in the whole world and you can only find them in Japan’s best place to buy Japanese snacks online stores. These are the original chocolates of Kit kat with different popular flavours such as Matcha, Japanese sake, strawberry, orange, etc. You will like to buy and eat these flavoured wafer chocolate as these snacks are rare for people around the globe.

  1. Hi-Chew


Hi-Chew is ready to chew colourful popular Japanese candy and snacks which you can eat as much as you want. You get this pack with many different flavours of fruits. The best thing is the sweetness of this product is kept optimum and the flavours are just natural. While eating these snacks you will remember your sweet childhood memories.

  1. Kinoko No Yama

Kinoko No Yama

The other one from the popular chocolate best Japanese snacks on amazon is the Kinoko no Yama. Seeing this snack at first will confuse you whether it is a mushroom or chocolate. Because it is made out of small size biscuit sticks dipped on one end with chocolate. Kinoko no Yama snack is super crunchy and sweet to eat.

  1. Dried Hoshiume Plums

Dried Hoshiume Plums

After eating the dried plums your body will be rehydrated with the sugar and salts. This snack is one good natural food item that is soaked in sweet brine and then dried in sun. You will have mixed sweet, salty and sour tastes at the same time when you eat this snack. It can be stored for a long time and is a healthy choice if you are a vegan person.

  1. Konjac


Konjac has similarities with popular Japanese snacks and candy jellies and boba tea. The main fun fact is that it is added to different juices and drinks to improve the taste and flavours. Konjac is constituted with high fibre content and is sticky. However, you can enjoy it by just adding up in adequate quantity to your other Japanese foods.

  1. Baby Star

Baby Star

Baby star is a popular snack from Japanese foods which is broken pieces of ramen noodles added with spicy and tangy flavours. However, they are uncooked but served for satisfying Japanese snacks amazon taste cravings. You can try it once or consume it in small quantities as you do not want your stomach to hurt.

  1. Onigiri


Onigiri is a freshly cooked meals snacks to buy in Japan and is liked by many food lovers. It is a small piece of sticky rice ball stuffed with different sizzlings like fish, chicken, meat, etc and covered with a sheet of nori which is seaweed. This ball is wrapped in a food plastic cover so that it does not get messy or spill.

  1. Kokuto Walnuts

Kokuto Walnuts

Kokuto are considered as most popular Japanese snacks items coated with healthy sugars in Japan, and using walnuts creates the Kokuto Walnuts. The Kokuto is a type of black sugar made out of natural sugar canes and use with different food recipes due to unique Japanese traditions. Talking about Kokuto walnuts are black sugar-coated walnuts one of the best snacks to try from popular Japanese snacks.

  1. Mochi


By any chance, if you are in Japan at the time of Japanese festivals then give a try for Mochi the traditional Japanese snacks popular sweet recipe. You can find out on the internet how the mochi is made out and you will get satisfied once you know about it. This chewy sweet is worth eating for a vegetarian snack.

  1. Jagariko Potato Sticks

Jagariko Potato Sticks

Jagariko potato sticks are a good snack item that you can eat like chips. You can find the best Japanese snacks from supermarket stores and carry them while travelling. Many other versions of potato sticks are also available but it is loved by everyone. You can eat it separately or with the sauces of your choice.

  1. Kabukiage Rice Crackers

Kabukiage Rice Crackers

Lite food can be good anytime for our health, isn’t it? Similarly, the Kabukiage Rice Crackers are popular Japanese snacks in America and are considered the best light food choices from Japan to eat. You can replace your chips and fried snacks eating habits with rice crackers.

  1. Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage

Fried chicken is one of the most consumed chicken recipes, but Chicken Karaage takes it to whole another level. You will see these very popular Japanese snacks available in many food stores, restaurants, and cafes of chicken recipes. This snack is usually made up of a small ball of chicken by frying. It just feels like a light and crispy chip while eating increasing your hunger cravings.

  1. Seaweed Chips And Strips

Seaweed Chips And Strips

You must have heard about potato chips and corn chips, but in Japan, you will find out Seaweed Chips and Strips. This is one of the popular snacks Japanese snacks wholesale for replacing the common chips flavour and ingredients. As a more healthy choice, roasted seaweed strips are also available in Japanese food markets.

  1. Biscuits


Biscuits of many types are all-time loved popular Japanese snacks in japan by residential people and you should try them all. In Japan, you will find many chocolate biscuits either dipped or filled. You will find biscuit sticks of different flavours called Pocky.

  1. Pizza Potato Chips

Pizza Potato Chips

If you are missing pizza in the Japanese popular snacks then you must try and eat the famous pizza potato chips. The chips are prepared with the thoughts of pizza lovers. You will feel the Italian cheese, spicy Mexican pepperoni, and tangy tomato flavours with every bite of pizza potato chips.

  1. Daifuku


At the end of dinner, everyone likes to eat some sweets or dessert so here is Daifuku for you. It is very soft to chew sweet food present in Japanese tradition. There is smooth flavoured stuff filled inside a mochi the sweet outer layer. The most popular flavours of these traditional Japanese snacks are strawberry, orange, matcha, melon, etc so you can remain happy whenever you eat them.

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What Is Japan’s Most Popular Snack?

Mochi Is One Of The Most Popular Snacks In Japan.

With its chewy texture and variety of fillings, it’s a snack that anyone can enjoy. Mochi is humble in flavor and truly gives its fillings center stage with red bean, matcha paste, plum flavors to name a few.

What Food Is Eaten At Almost Every Meal In Japan?

Miso Soup

The Japanese eat miso soup alongside almost every meal. Miso broth is made from fermented soybeans and dashi broth. Miso soup often contains tofu, seaweed, and green onions. It’s common for Japanese people to heat up miso soup from the night before and eat it alongside their breakfast.

What American Snacks Do Japanese Like?

Hamburgers, French fries, and New York-style steaks are very popular in Japan, especially among young people, while Hawaiian cuisine such as Loco Moco is also popular.

What Are The Oldest Japanese Snacks?

Dagashi – The Earliest Japanese Snack

Primarily using readily available fruits, nuts and mochi, elegant desserts were created. But these desserts were often reserved only for the wealthiest individuals in society. How were average people able to get their snack on? Enter dagashi!

What Are Japanese Pastries?

Wagashi are Japanese sweets that were traditionally enjoyed with tea. These include daifuku, a mochi rice cake filled with sweetened bean paste; dango, sweet rice dumplings typically served with three or four pieces together on a skewer; and yokan, a jelly dessert flavored with native Japanese flavors.


While reading this article on popular Japanese snacks you must be smacking your lips due to increased cravings. I know you are eager to try all the snack items that I have described above. Now you do not have to worry about what snacks to eat while completing your trip in Japan. If you want to stay longer then you have a popular Japanese snacks list ready with you. 

What’s the most popular Japanese snack

What is a popular snack in Japan?