5 Popular Sports In Peru

Peru is a country located in South America and is known for its rich cultural heritage, ancient ruins, and beautiful landscapes. In addition to these attractions, Peru is also home to several popular sports that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular sports in Peru.

List Of 5 Popular Sports In Peru

Do you know 5 Popular Sports In Peru? Here we have prepared a list of the top 5 Popular Sports In Peru.

  1. Soccer
  2. Volleyball
  3. Surfing
  4. Boxing
  5. Basketball

Top 5 Popular Sports In Peru

Today I have 5 Popular Sports In Peru here for you

  1. Soccer


Soccer, or football as it is known in Peru, is the most popular sport in the country. The Peruvian national soccer team is highly respected and has a strong following among locals. The Peruvian soccer league, Liga 1, is also very popular and attracts a large number of fans to its matches.

  1. Volleyball


Volleyball is another popular sport in Peru, especially among women. The Peruvian women’s national volleyball team is one of the most successful in the world, having won multiple championships and Olympic medals. Beach volleyball is also a popular variation of the sport and is enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

  1. Surfing


Peru has a long coastline and is home to some of the best waves in the world, making it a popular destination for surfers. The town of Mancora in northern Peru is particularly popular among surfers, but there are also great spots along the central and southern coasts. Surfing competitions are also held throughout the year in various locations.

  1. Boxing


Boxing is a popular combat sport in Peru and has produced some well-known boxers such as Kina Malpartida and Alberto Rossel. The sport has a strong following and is often televised, with many locals tuning in to watch their favorite boxers compete.

  1. Basketball


Basketball is another popular sport in Peru, with the Peruvian Basketball League attracting a large following. The sport is played at both amateur and professional levels, and there are several clubs and teams throughout the country.

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What Is The Most Popular Sport In Peru?


Peru’s major sport is football and you’ll find men and boys playing it in the streets of every city, town, and settlement in the country down to the remotest of jungle outposts. The big teams are Cristal, Alianza, and El U in Lima and Ciencianco from Cusco.

What Are The Top 5 Sports In Peru?

What Are the Most Popular Sports in Peru?

  1. Soccer. Peru is part of a region that has produced some of the best players in the history of the sport. 
  2. Basketball. 
  3. Volleyball. 
  4. Tennis.

What Are Popular Sports Teams In Peru?

Throughout Latin America, football/soccer is the most popular sport in Peru. The major Peruvian clubs are La U (Universitario), Alianza Lima and Cristal in Lima, and Cienciano in Cusco, the only Peruvian club to win international tournaments.

What Sport Was Invented In Peru?

Paleta frontón is a Peruvian sport that was born in the capital, Lima, in 1945. This sport has its roots in the “pelota vasca” brought by the Spanish settlers, and the domestic “pelota mano”, called “handball” at that time due to English influence. The sport is similar to squash but is played on an open court.


In conclusion, Peru is a country with a diverse range of popular sports that reflect its unique cultural heritage and geographical location. Whether you’re a fan of soccer, volleyball, surfing, boxing, or basketball, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy these sports in Peru, whether as a participant or spectator.


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