Top 12 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

We will find out here which are popular wedding flowers. Wedding flowers are the important element that provides elegance, fragrance, and fun color on our special occasion. You can reduce your stress by using your favorite flowers on your special day. Choose a wedding theme paired with common wedding flowers which are cheaper and easy to find. We will introduce you top 12 popular wedding flowers here.

List of Top 12 Popular Wedding Flowers

These popular wedding flowers range from Rose to Casa lily flowers which never go out of style. We will make a list here.

  1. Ranunculus. 
  2. Peony
  3. Rose
  4. Hydrangea
  5. Gardenia
  6. Calla Lily
  7. Daisy
  8. Baby’s Breath
  9. Succulent
  10. Carnation
  11. Orchid
  12. Anemone

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Top 12 Popular Wedding Flowers

These beautiful blooms from roses to tulips will never be out of trend. We will list out the most popular wedding flowers for weddings here.

  1. Ranunculus


Ranunculus is a buttercup, multi-petaled flower. It was found first time by westerners in the far east in the 13th century.  It seems to be a mild scented flower having Fern-like foliage in which there are several blossoms on a stem. These flowers are ideal for spring, summer, or fall weddings, cheap, and pleasant ranunculus have different colors like white, yellow, orange, pink, and size. These are white wedding flowers.

  1. Peony


Peonies are hardy and, dense and fragrant. These flowers give a romantic look with big delicate blossoming petals. They look great while paired in a bouquet with other cream-colored flowers and eucalyptus. Peonies are traditionally pink, white, or red, also find in shades of coral, mahogany, and yellow. Peonies are the most popular wedding bouquet flowers.

  1. Rose


There are more than 100 different types of roses, with various colors and sizes, available year-round, affordable making this flower perfect for any bride, wedding season, or theme. Classic red roses are a symbol of love and purity therefore they are best for weddings. This is the most popular out of the top 10 most popular flowers.

  1. Hydrangea


Hydrangea comes in full blooms and volumes, so we can use only 1 or 2 in your bouquet or use a few in the center. Its shape is like a heartbeat. It gives a symbol of perseverance and emotion. It oozes femininity and elegance in pale pink or white color.

  1. Gardenia


Gardenia occurs in Southern Asia and Japan.  These flowers represent classiness and elegance and are perfect for the Southern delight theme or summer wedding. It has no stem, it looks beautiful while floating flower in a bowl of water with candles or a flower pinned to hair, or on the reception, dinner table for a touch of elegance.

  1. Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Calla is a Trumpet shape blossom, modern-looking, has a long stem, and is good for your special day. You can use these flowers in a tall vase, it can be paired with Ivory for garden weddings, dark purple varieties used for art decorations, or for modern affairs. Colors vary from purple, yellow, orange, pink.

  1. Daisy


Daisy is a European grass plant having flowers with white rays and yellow discs. It is perfect to freshen the mood and bring a festive feel to any reception. Commonly white and yellow color palettes are used for daisies.

  1. Baby’s Breath

Baby's Breath

It symbolizes pureness and innocence. These are affordable options for decor and flowers. arrangement. You can include it in the bridal crown for aromatic addition. These are inexpensive flowers for wedding costs.

  1. Succulent


It is trending to use succulents with a good-looking finishing touch. You can embellish your bouquet, centerpiece with any style or shade. These are easy to maintain, durable, and heat resistant.

  1. Carnation


Carnation is called a filler flower which has frilly petals and a range of colors that make them flexible to use as per your choice. The carnation works well if you are planning a winter wedding because they bloom throughout most of the year. These are popular wedding flowers worldwide.

  1. Orchid


The orchid is an exotic flower that symbolizes beauty and refinement and makes an attractive assent to arrangement. These are popular flowers for a wedding bouquet.

  1. Anemone


Anemone is used for bridal bouquets and flower arrangements. These are great to use in any season. Its black color in the center of the flower attracts everyone, so it is used occasionally.

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What Is The Traditional Wedding Flower?

When people think “wedding flower,” this bloom often comes to mind. With its trumpet shape and elegant air, the calla lily more than stands up to its meaning: regal.

Which Flowers Are Most Expensive For Wedding?

The most expensive flowers include peonies, gardenias, and hydrangeas. If you’re on a tight wedding flower budget, using lots of greenery is an affordable (and on-trend!) way to decorate your reception. Other inexpensive flowers include freesia, baby’s breath, roses (not garden roses, though), daisies, and carnations.

What Is The Most Popular Flower?

Rose We had to begin this list with the rose. No other flower is as famous or popular. The rose outshines everything else.

How Long Do Wedding Flowers Last?

Many species of cut flowers can last a week or more with the right care. Most of flowers like low temperatures, about 5 degrees Celsius, and don’t like direct sunlight and cold drafts. When you cut flowers, it’s best to wrap it into wet paper or spray some water on them.

What Flower Symbolizes Happy Marriage?

Calla Lily
This trumpet shape bloom represents a symbol of marriage and has a meaning of innocence and purity. The stem grows straight with a trumpet-shaped delicate curled flower and comes in a variety of bright colors.

What Color Flowers Is Best For Wedding?

Red wedding flowers – a white wedding dress and a classic red bouquet says all the right things – romance, passion and sensuality. White wedding flowers – a classic choice for your big day. White symbolizes purity and innocence. White flowers go great with all dress colors.

Is 1000 Enough For Wedding Flowers?

I usually suggest a minimum of $300 and upwards of $1,000. Unless you’re getting married in a church, most ceremonies last no more than 30 minutes nowadays. Take your time frame into consideration when you’re designing your ceremony flowers.

What Is The Most Popular Flower Used In American Weddings?


Rose. Roses are beautiful, fragrant and versatile, which contributes to their status as the most popular wedding flower of all time. From their use as flowers for bridal bouquets to dramatic ceremony arches, there’s room for roses in just about every part of a wedding, no matter the style.


According to many florists, the most popular wedding flower is Tulip. Which flowers do you want to use for your wedding? something classic or trendy? This totally depends on you. If you don’t understand where to start then this article will help you choose flower options before you meet with your florist. Here we shared all the most popular wedding flowers for you.

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What is the flower most used for weddings

What are the most popular wedding flowers?