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5 Popular Young Dolph Songs

Which are the Popular Young Dolph Songs? Young Dolph, born Adolph Thornton Jr., was an American rapper and songwriter known for his unique style and gritty lyrics. He was born on August 5, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Throughout his career, he released numerous hit songs and collaborated with other popular artists in the rap industry. In this blog, we will take a look at some of Young Dolph’s most popular songs.

List Of 5 Popular Young Dolph Songs

Do you know 5 Popular Young Dolph Songs? Here we have prepared the list of the top 5 Popular Young Dolph Songs.

  1. “100 Shots”
  2. “Preach”
  3. “Go Get Sum Mo”
  4. “Major”
  5. “Get Paid”

Top 5 Popular Young Dolph Songs

Today I have 5 Popular Young Dolph Songs here for you

  1. “100 Shots”

100 Shots

“100 Shots” is one of Young Dolph’s most popular songs. The track was released in 2017 and was produced by Tay Keith. The song features hard-hitting lyrics and an intense beat, making it a fan favorite. The song also gained attention due to the shooting incident involving Young Dolph, where he was reportedly shot 100 times in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  1. “Preach”


“Preach” is another hit track by Young Dolph. The song was released in 2014 and was produced by Zaytoven. The song’s catchy hook and relatable lyrics quickly made it a fan favorite. “Preach” also became a popular meme on social media platforms, further adding to its popularity.

  1. “Go Get Sum Mo”

Go Get Sum Mo

“Go Get Sum Mo” was released in 2017 and features Young Dolph, Gucci Mane, and 2 Chainz. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hook make it a popular party anthem. The track is also notable for its star-studded collaboration, with three of the biggest names in the rap industry coming together for a hit song.

  1. “Major”


“Major” is another hit song by Young Dolph, featuring Key Glock. The song was released in 2018 and was produced by BandPlay. The track’s catchy hook and smooth flow make it a fan favorite. The song also features the signature trap-style beats that Young Dolph is known for.

  1. “Get Paid”

Get Paid

“Get Paid” is a popular track by Young Dolph featuring DaBaby. The song was released in 2020 and was produced by Drumma Boy. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hook make it a popular club banger. The song’s lyrics also center around the theme of getting money and living a luxurious lifestyle.

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What Is Young Dolph’s Biggest Hit?

Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

  1. Get Away.
  2. 1 Scale (feat. G Herbo) Young Dolph, G Herbo.
  3. Love For The Streets.
  4. Major (feat. Key Glock) Young Dolph, Key Glock.
  5. 100 Shots.
  6. Thats How. Young Dolph, Key Glock.
  7. To Be Honest.
  8. No Sense (feat. Key Glock) Young Dolph, Key Glock.

What Song Did Young Dolph Get Famous For?

In the process, he racked up gold records with singles such as “100 Shots,” “Major,” and “RNB,” and was featured on O.T. Genasis’ multi-platinum hit “Cut It.” Dolph was fatally shot in 2021, and a posthumous album, Paper Route Frank, was released a year later.

What Is Young Dolph Famous For?

Adolph Robert “Young Dolph” Thornton Jr was an American rapper.

What Was Young Dolph First Hit Single?

Get Paid

On October 8, 2015, Young Dolph released Shittin on the Industry, an 5-song mixtape including the hit single “Get Paid”. In February 2016, he released his debut album King of Memphis under his independent Paper Route Empire label, which peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200.


Young Dolph was a talented rapper and songwriter who left a significant impact on the rap industry. His unique style and gritty lyrics resonated with fans worldwide, and he released several hit songs throughout his career. The songs listed above are just a few of Young Dolph’s most popular tracks, showcasing his versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with his audience. Although Young Dolph tragically passed away in 2021, his music continues to live on, inspiring new generations of rap fans.


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