What Is A Kingdom Spouse?

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In the realm of relationships and marriage, there are various perspectives and approaches that individuals may adopt. One term that has gained attention in Christian circles is the concept of a Kingdom Spouse. If you’re unfamiliar with what a Kingdom Spouse is and how it relates to building Godly relationships, this blog post is here to shed light on the topic. We will explore the meaning of a Kingdom Spouse, its significance in the context of faith-based relationships, and the principles that guide this approach to marriage.

What Is A Kingdom Spouse?

A Kingdom Spouse refers to a partner in a marriage or committed relationship who shares a common faith and values centered on the principles of God’s Kingdom. It is a term rooted in the belief that a successful and fulfilling relationship is one where both individuals prioritize their relationship with God, seek to honor His teachings, and build their partnership on a foundation of faith, love, and righteousness.

The Significance Of A Kingdom Spouse

Choosing a Kingdom Spouse holds deep significance for individuals seeking to align their relationships with their faith and values. Here are some key reasons why this approach to marriage is valued by believers:

  1. Shared Spiritual Journey: A Kingdom Spouse is a partner with whom one can embark on a shared spiritual journey. By prioritizing a relationship grounded in faith, both individuals can support and encourage each other’s spiritual growth, worship together, and seek God’s guidance in their lives and relationship.
  2. Alignment of Values: Having a Kingdom Spouse means sharing core values and principles derived from God’s Word. It involves living out principles such as love, forgiveness, integrity, and selflessness, which form the foundation of a healthy and thriving relationship.
  3. Unity in Purpose: A Kingdom Spouse is a partner with whom one can pursue God’s purpose for their lives together. By aligning their goals, dreams, and aspirations with God’s plan, a Kingdom Spouse seeks to make a positive impact on their family, community, and the world at large.

Principles Guiding Kingdom Spouse Relationships

Building a Kingdom Spouse relationship involves embracing certain principles rooted in faith. While these principles may vary among individuals and churches, some common elements include:

  1. Prayer and Seeking God’s Guidance: Kingdom Spouses prioritize seeking God’s guidance through prayer and seeking His will in their relationship. They recognize the importance of inviting God into their decision-making process and rely on Him for wisdom and direction.
  2. Mutual Submission and Servanthood: Kingdom Spouses embrace the biblical concept of mutual submission, where both partners willingly submit to one another out of love and respect. They prioritize serving and uplifting each other, just as Christ demonstrated through His sacrificial love.
  3. Communication and Conflict Resolution: Effective communication and healthy conflict resolution are vital in any relationship, including a Kingdom Spouse relationship. Open and honest communication, coupled with a willingness to resolve conflicts in a manner that reflects God’s love and grace, fosters growth and unity.
  4. Commitment to Growth and Accountability: Kingdom Spouses are committed to personal growth and continuous improvement in their relationship. They encourage and challenge each other to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Additionally, they embrace the importance of accountability, seeking guidance from mentors or trusted individuals who can provide wisdom and support.


In summary, a Kingdom Spouse refers to a partner in a committed relationship who shares a common faith and values grounded in God’s Kingdom. Choosing a Kingdom Spouse involves prioritizing faith, aligning values, and building a relationship centered on principles derived from God’s Word. By embracing shared spiritual journeys, aligning values, and seeking God’s guidance, Kingdom Spouses aim to build strong, loving, and purposeful relationships.

It is important to note that while the concept of a Kingdom Spouse resonates with many individuals seeking Godly relationships, it is not the only valid approach to building a healthy and fulfilling partnership. The most important aspect is to seek God’s wisdom and guidance in all aspects of your relationships, allowing His principles to guide your choices and actions.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Kingdom Person?

Here’s our simple definition of a Kingdom man: he’s a male Christ follower who submits to the rule of God completely. He prioritizes pleasing and obeying God above all else. He rejects the world’s system for God’s order.

What Makes A Kingdom Woman?

So, what does it mean to be a kingdom woman? A kingdom woman declares her Lord God’s divine truth with Holy Spirit-fueled power. She speaks spiritual authority over herself and her family. She lives a life of prayer.

What Is The Primary Purpose Of A Kingdom Woman?

Kingdom Woman serves as a path to help you along the journey of life as you learn to: Let go of hopelessness and disappointment and fully experience your destiny. Value what God values―humility, meekness, and the beauty of a servant’s heart.

What Is The Life Of A Kingdom Man?

A kingdom man, therefore, is one who places himself under God’s rulership and submits his life to the lordship of Jesus Christ. A kingdom man is a man who rules according to God’s rule. Keep in mind, that to rule something does not refer to domination or illegitimate control.


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