Top 11 Popular Graphic Novels

Reading a novel is a good hobby but are you lacking some popular graphic novels? Then today I am here to tell you about some good graphic novel books that you would like to read for sure. You will come to know about the different graphical novels of different genres. I will tell you their names and the short brief stories on what they are based on. It will be very helpful information for you so let us begin to read this great article on popular graphic novels.

List Of 11 Popular Graphic Novels

Before reading up the story scenes let us know the names of these top 11 popular graphic novels quickly.

  1. Fantastic Four: Full Circle
  2. Watchmen
  3. Hawkeye
  4. Saga
  5. The Sandman
  6. Parker
  7. I Survived
  8. Long Distance
  9. The Nice House On The Lake
  10. Last Dance
  11. How To Be Happy

11 Popular Graphic Novels

You must be eager to know what is written in popular graphic novels. So for you below, I have described what are some popular graphic novels stories and the morals hidden behind them in short.

  1. Fantastic Four: Full Circle

Fantastic Four: Full Circle

New to many reader’s collections the Fantastic Four: Full Circle best sci-fi graphic novels have increased craze among Marvel comic fans. You will come to know how the team of fantastic four heroes go on an adventurous mission. These popular graphic novels kids model heroes are created by Alex Ross with colorful and vibrant art graphics that you will love to watch while reading.

  1. Watchmen


Watchmen is interestingly among the best graphic novels of all time that you would like to read for sure. It is a book based on a story of how a superhero is set on an investigation to solve a mystery. You will come to know an amazing suspense that is kept secret till the end for every reader. I suggest you read this beautiful book with great structure and sketches by artist Dave Gibbons and a story by Alan Moore.

  1. Hawkeye


After reading the name you must be excited about what is the hawkeye about, isn’t it? Whatever you thought is of same and among popular graphic novels for kids, Hawkeye is the same Marvel hero character with a bow and arrows. Hawkeye’s graphic action novel written by Matt Fraction has the best stories and narratives about his life before becoming an Avenger superhero. You will know how his life is going through the thrill and adventurous modes.

  1. Saga


If you are a person looking for a science and fictional novel then the Saga series of popular graphic novels for elementary students’ will complete your reading wish. This is a perfect novel that has won many awards for its storyline and themes. You surely become a fan after reading this space and action novel series.

  1. The Sandman

The Sandman

On the fifth number in the list, The Sandman is an ultimate fantasy among popular graphic novels for adults with different dark characters. You will get shocking experiences when you start to read this novel as the story will take you next level of entertainment. Neil Gaiman the writer of The Sandman novel has plotted every story in the series like good and bad dreams. You will love to read this novel series and won’t get bored until you complete it.

  1. Parker


Do you love crime thriller stories then Parker is one from the list of crime suspense and murder mystery novels. The writer Darwyn Cooke has described the criminal thoughts of a person from the most popular graphic novels of all time which makes the whole series interesting to read. You will be able to see the two-dimensional pictures but still get impressed by the actions, twists, narrations, and many more.

  1. I Survived

I Survived

I Survived is a survival novel based on a character named George and his family who are going to travel on a ship named Titanic. After reading the ship’s name you must have thought of Titanic movie and guess what this story is just similar to the movie. However, you will see how the popular graphic novels for tweens story of whether George wins over the death and survives.

  1. Long Distance

Long Distance

Things can be more than what we are told about, whether it may be good or bad for us. Similarly, the story of Vega, the character from the best graphic novels for teens Long Distance written by Whitney Gardner describes how Vega’s summer camp vacation goes.

  1. The Nice House On The Lake

The Nice House On The Lake

Writer James Tynion IV has written many popular graphic novels The Nice House On The Lake is based on a horror and thriller storyline. You will come to know after reading popular graphic novels for high school you will be able to know how a group of friends is trapped in a house located on the lake. The creepy and spooky house that you will see in the pictures increases the reader’s interest.

  1. Last Dance

Last Dance

Last Dance is one of the popular graphic novels for middle school kids based on the fairy tale genre, where you will get to see a girl character named Miriam. Her dream is to become a well-known ballet dancer and she even gets a chance for this, however, fate turns things upside down for her. You will come to know how heartbroken Miriam finds out a way for becoming a great dancer with the twist of magical ballet shoes.

  1. How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

A great soul-uplifting novel that you must read if you feel anxious or depressed. How to Be Happy is of the new popular graphic novels on improvement by Eva Woods that many readers have appreciated after reading it completely. The role of the Polly character from the novel is very interesting and this will make you feel how to be happy for sure.

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What Is The Most Successful Graphic Novel?

Watchmen regularly tops lists of the best graphic novels ever published. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s bold superhero saga still stands as a towering achievement over three decades after its first publication.

What Is The Most Beautiful Graphic Novel?

The World of Edena. Moebius is one of comics most distinct creative icons, with an extensive bibliography that would make many artists weep. Yet none of his works are as consistently praised as The World of Edena which DrWindupBird called “the most beautiful graphic novel” ever created.

Are Graphic Novels Still Popular?

“The rise of an increasing popularity of Manga and graphic novels is bringing our stores — our stores are just full of young people, and that’s exactly the demographic that you want in your stores.” Some of this year’s most-anticipated graphic novels — including “Fine: A Comic About Gender” and “The High Desert: Black.

What Was The First Popular Graphic Novel?

While it is almost impossible to identify any one text as the original graphic novel, many hold Eisner’s A Contract with God, and Other Tenement Stories (1978) to be one of the most important early examples of the graphic novel in the United States.

What Is The Difference Between A Comic Book And A Graphic Novel?

In other words, graphic novels are basically long comic books. Comic books rarely exceed thirty pages, but graphic novels can be any length. Moreover, historically, comic books have come out on a monthly basis with a continuing story, but most graphic novels just tell a single story that is complete within its pages.


By now you have come to know about the top 11 popular graphic novels that you will love to read in your free time. I told you about what are the scenes and storylines of the novels that will help you to pick them up for reading. You understood the names of writers and their novels as well as the genre you must be searching for. I hope you will have to enjoy reading one by one the popular graphic novels described in this article.

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