Top 15 Popular Boba Flavors

Are you going to try the popular boba flavors, but are stuck on which to try, isn’t it? So don’t be confused anymore, as today I will guide you about some special boba tea flavors that you should try for sure. I will tell you about what are the key ingredients added to these different tasty boba flavor teas. By the end of this article, you will learn about the healthy, affordable,  popular boba flavors till the end.

List Of 15 Popular Boba Flavors

Below I have listed about 15 top popular boba flavors that you must give a try.

  1. Black Milk Tea
  2. Coffee Flavored Boba
  3. Honeydew Boba Tea
  4. Matcha Flavoured Boba
  5. Strawberry Boba
  6. Taro Milk Tea
  7. Mango Boba
  8. Thai Milk Boba
  9. Almond Milk Tea
  10. Red Bean Boba Tea
  11. Tiger Milk Boba
  12. Pineapple Boba
  13. Avocado Flavoured Tea
  14. Lychee Milk Tea
  15. Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Top 15 Popular Boba Flavors

I have described the world’s top 15 popular boba flavors that you must try for sure. You will come to know what are the  bestflavors of boba and what is mixed in these bubble teas and why you should drink them.

  1. Black Milk Tea

Black Milk Tea

Starting with the simple best bubble tea flavor for beginners black milk tea is the most popular boba flavor that you will love to drink. The recipe for this milk tea is very easy and you can make it too, all you will have to do is get some cooled black tea, milk, ice cubes, and the tapioca boba pearls. However, you will find this flavor of boba tea at every boba store you visit.

  1. Coffee Flavored Boba

Coffee Flavored Boba

Coffee is the next great flavor to start with boba drinks, as most people love to drink coffee at the start of the day. But in the afternoon you can buy a what are the most popular boba flavors of coffee to get refreshed and feel better. The icy tapioca pearls and chilled coffee after lunch will be an amazing way to enjoy your coffee.

  1. Honeydew Boba Tea

Honeydew Boba Tea

The interesting fact about honeydew boba tea is that will not find a single drop of tea in it. You will love this traditional milk recipe to add to your weekly diet. However, you can enjoy it at any time of your day as its refreshing mild taste is just tasty. If you want to make this drink a little thicker then you can add some fruits and custard powder to it.

  1. Matcha Flavoured Boba

Matcha Flavoured Boba

Matcha is a mood refresher flavor that is popularly loved in Japan. Introducing it in boba tea has increased its craze among foodies. At first, you will wonder whether it is a green vegetable juice, but after drinking you will love the best bubble tea flavor combinations due to its strong flavourful taste. You can customize your tea taste by adjusting the matcha powder and milk combination.

  1. Strawberry Boba

Strawberry Boba

From kids to old people, everyone loves strawberries and adds them to their food recipes. Similarly, the strawberry boba flavor is one of the most liked boba tea and is consumed in large numbers. You can use natural strawberry syrup and add some fresh chilled milk with boba pearls to make your strawberry boba tea.

  1. Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

On number six I have described the Taro Milk Tea, which is among the popular boba flavors tried by people. You will love to drink this chilled sweet drink due to its amazing flavor extracted from special vegetables. The taro is a vegetable root with a slightly sweet and earthy taste and is not the worst boba flavor but the best boba flavor. However, it is considered to be a beneficial drink for the body and relaxes your stress.

  1. Mango Boba

Mango Boba

Eating fruit can be common but making the most popular boba flavors out of it is just an amazing idea and the same is with mango boba. You can make this simple recipe in your own home, all you need is some fresh frozen mangoes, ice cubes, condensed sweet milk, and cream is optional. You can use a mango slush if you don’t have mangoes to give a mango flavor. Blend all the ingredients in a mixer and make a thick blend. Add boba toppings of your choice or drink them separately.

  1. Thai Milk Boba

Thai Milk Boba

A spicy and minty flavor that you will like to try in boba is the Thai milk boba popularly also known as Thai tea. You will find the extract of the mixed spice made from cardamom, tamarind, star anise, etc which are added further to condensed milk. The sweet, tangy, and mildly spicy flavored boba tea is a popular flavor that can make your empty upset stomach feel good.

  1. Almond Milk Tea

Almond Milk Tea

If you are truly vegan and eat only plant-based products, then Almond milk tea is one great option. You will love the thick almond milk popular boba tea flavors that have their unique taste somewhat similar to coconut. However, you will feel refreshed during winter by having this one cup of almond tea.

  1. Red Bean Boba Tea

Red Bean Boba Tea

Red bean boba tea is a good alternative to substitute the different sugary boba flavors. However, you will find it a little earthy or similar to mild dark chocolate boba smoothie flavors in taste. This natural boba tea has the unique sweetness of red beans. You will like the smooth and fine blended texture while slurping the drink from the cup.

  1. Tiger Milk Boba

Tiger Milk Boba

The Tiger Milk Boba is named after the appearance of the most popular flavors of boba tea, however, you will feel good after having this icy drink in your regime. It is made out of creamy milk, brown sugar, black tea extracts, and some tapioca pearls. The tiger milk tea is presented with an artistic form of serving where the brown sugar syrup is used to make black strips on glass edges.

  1. Pineapple Boba

Pineapple Boba

One of my personal favorites is the pineapple boba and you too will love this for sure. You will fall in love with the sweet and mildly tart taste of this tea. Some fresh pieces of pineapple boba popular flavors or the essence powder is sufficient to make Pineapple boba tea. Add the chilled milk and some sugar and blend it in a thick smoothie and enjoy it quickly. You can add some fresh pieces of pineapple, nuts, and ice cream as topping to your Pineapple boba.

  1. Avocado Flavoured Tea

Avocado Flavoured Tea

If you are a sportsperson and are diet-conscious then avocado-flavored tea is the boba flavor you should drink. You will get replenished with the amount of the most popular boba tea flavors full of nutrients, fibers, carbs, and protein with the Avocabo Boba tea. The main ingredients used in this drink recipe is the fresh ripe avocados, milk, condensed milk sweetener, and tapioca pearls.

  1. Lychee Milk Tea

Lychee Milk Tea

When you think about a sweet and a citrus taste at the same time the first thing in your mind that comes is Lychee, isn’t it? However, only for lychee lovers the special underrated boba flavors Lychee bubble tea is a cool refreshing drink. Your exhausted body will get reactivated and gain back the energy on a tiring day after drinking this fresh Lychee Milk Tea.

  1. Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Think about the jasmine flower and its essence extracted in your drink you will get this mild flavourful brewed taste only in the Jasmine green milk tea. These teas are healthy unique bubble tea flavors. drink that you can enjoy during the bright day, especially in the morning and afternoon. You will love the pleasant fragrance of the tea while sipping it from your cup.

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What Is The Most Popular Boba Flavor?

Milk Tea

Bubble tea can be made with any type of tea, but black tea is most commonly used. The most popular bubble tea flavour is probably milk tea, which is simply black tea with milk, sugar and tapioca pearls. Other types of tea you could use include green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, white tea and fruit teas.

What Boba Is Best For Kids?

What’s the best flavor of bubble tea for kids? Any fruit flavored boba teas are the best for kids. This includes strawberry boba tea, mango, peach and dragon fruit. If they’re not into fruit, then brown sugar or salted caramel are also great boba tea flavors for children!

What Is The Perfect Boba?

The texture should be chewy, but slightly al dente. You want to remove the boba from the pot before it gets too soft and begins to degrade. The boba will also continue to cook slightly after removing them from the water, too, so keep that in mind.

Are Boba Teas Healthy?

Unfortunately, boba itself provides very few health benefits, though its calories and carbohydrates can provide you with a boost in energy. In most cases, boba tea contains high levels of sugar, which is linked to long-term health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

How Do You Order Boba Tea For Beginners?

TLDR: When ordering boba tea, your barista will ask you for 4 things: flavor, sweetness, size, and toppings. Before you go in line, think through your choice for each of these. For example, you could say ‘Milk Tea, 50% sugar, large with tapioca’. So you want to order boba tea.


You came to know about the popular boba flavors after reading this topic. Now you have an idea about the famous boba names that I mentioned in a list, which you can tell at the boba stores counter. I told you about some of the boba recipes that you can make at home easily. You understood the taste of the popular boba flavors and can choose the first one from the list immediately.

What is the most loved boba flavor

What is the most popular boba Flavour