20 Popular Succulents To Grow

We will explore more popular succulents in this article. Plants with juicy leaves that can store water inside and that can grow and survive in dry climates are called succulents. They can survive in desert areas. According to me, succulents look very interesting and different from traditional houseplants and they don’t need to care therefore they become popular. Let’s discover popular succulents below.

List of 20 Popular Succulents To Grow

After understanding the different types of popular succulents and where they can grow best, we prepare a list of the 20 most popular types. We differentiate them into 2 varieties that are indoor and outdoor. Let’s go we will discuss it.

  1. Burro’s Tail (Indoor Plants)
  2. Crown of Thorns (Indoor Plants)
  3. Flaming Katy (Indoor Plants)
  4. Aloe Vera (Indoor Plants)
  5. Panda Plant (Indoor Plants)
  6. Pincushion Cactus (Indoor Plants)
  7. Roseum (Indoor Plants)
  8. Jade plant (Indoor Plants)
  9. Echeveria (Indoor Plants)
  10. Zebra plant (Indoor Plants)
  11. Echeveria (Outdoor Plants)
  12. Hens and Chicks (Outdoor Plants)
  13. Stonecrop (Outdoor Plants)
  14. Crassula (Pigmyweed) (Outdoor Plants)
  15. Agave (Outdoor Plants)
  16. Haworthia (Outdoor Plants)
  17. Aeonium (Outdoor Plants)
  18. Senecio (Outdoor Plants)
  19. Dudleya (Outdoor Plants)
  20. Graptopetalum (Outdoor Plants)

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Top 10 Indoor plants

Do you know why are succulents popular? Because succulents grow better at room temperature where it is dry with little humidity. They can absorb low levels of light also, therefore they are ideal as indoor or home decor.

  1. Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail

It grows up to 4 inches long it looks like a tail therefore It is also known as the donkey tail plant. It’s easy to take care of, so are the very popular type of succulents. It is best indoor plant can be placed in well-drained, the long stems hang on edges of the pot, therefore these plants are popular hanging succulents.

  1. Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

These are the most popular succulents that adjust in dry indoor conditions at room temperature. It requires 3 to 4 hours of sunlight daily so keep this plant near the window.

  1. Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy

These are popular indoor succulents because It adapts to room temperature and is extremely sensitive to cold conditions. If these plants get sufficient light then they can bud with 4 petals whose color changes from red to gold white.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

These are popular succulents plants because they are used for medicinal purposes. Also can be used to get relief from scrapes and burns. It is used in ointments, skin lotion, drinks, cosmetics, etc.

  1. Panda Plant

Panda Plant

These are popular indoor succulents because of their small and fuzzy leaves. It is called the panda plant because of its velvety leaves and brownish-red marking on the edges of its leaves. It looks amazing in the kid’s room because of its small size and soft texture.

  1. Pincushion Cactus

Pincushion Cactus 

Pointy spikes covered its external side. This succulent has more than 250 species of cacti. These are popular succulents and cactus because it is a mini cactus that can grow up to 6 inches and produce rich blooms to our home.

  1. Roseum


These are popular succulents for indoors because they can grow faster in containers or planters, or on a windowsill and height only up to 4 to 6 inches and it develops light pink star flower clusters.

  1. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Jade Plants look like bonsai plants. Like a miniature tree, it has a thick trunk with branches. Leaves of jade are thick, shiny, dark green, and oval in shape. In some varieties, at the tip of a leaf star shape white or pink bloom flowers develop.

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  1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

These succulents are easy to grow and you don’t need to take care of them for a longer period. It has long and various colored leaves in green shades.

  1. Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

The name Zebra Plant came from white various stripes on the leaves. It can grow in smaller pots and has shallow roots. It produces bright yellow cone-shaped flowers that can stay fresh for 1 week.

Top 10 Outdoor plants

Some succulents which are very large and require direct sunlight are called outdoor plants.

  1. Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks

These can multiply very fast and produce multiple succulents called “chicks”. They produce beautiful flowers which bloom together in crown shape.

  1. Echeveria


Echeveria grows well in containers or garden beds. The many varieties and colors of plants give great tones and textures for mixed beds and pots.

  1. Stonecrop


It is a hardy and easy-to-care succulent plant that can be divided into 2 types according to its growing habits, that is creeping sedum and upright sedum.

  1. Crassula (Pigmyweed)

Crassula (Pigmyweed)

Crassula is a popular outdoor succulent because they drow in the garden or in outdoor pots. It is referred to as jade plant, jade tree, money tree, they can survive in poor, rocky or sandy, dry, well-drained soils in full sun or partial Shade. these succulents are toxic to pets if Any part of the plant eaten by your pet then it may result in death or severe illness.

  1. Agave


These succulents you should keep in full sunlight or partial shade. The agave beak weevil will burrow into the plant’s middle for laying eggs, which causes the plant to collapse.

  1. Haworthia


           They need partial sunlight and they manage to grow under bushes. they are grown in small clusters in wide, shallow containers, not in the ground.                                                                  

  1. Aeonium


Aeoniums don’t like hot weather. So they will be inactive in summer and they don’t require any water. In extreme heat, to prevent excessive water loss their leaves will curl.

  1. Senecio


It grows best in full sun. They need sandy, well-drained soil and are  in watery conditions tending to decay.

  1. Dudleya


Dudleya requires bright light. low light results in soft leaves and elongation. They are called Liveforever because they live as long as 50  to 100 years.

  1. Graptopetalum


Graptopetalum looks most attractive in sunlight. Due to insufficient light leaf drops may occur.

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What Is The Easiest Succulent To Grow?

6 Easy-to-Grow Indoor Succulents

  • Jade Plant. Native to South Africa, the jade plant has thick stems and glossy green leaves.
  • Aloe Vera.
  • Echeveria.
  • Zebra Plant.
  • Panda Plant.
  • Crown of Thorns.

What Type Of Succulents Grow Big?

Many people would be surprised how large they can grow. The average height of most types of succulents is between six inches and two feet tall, but some varieties, like the Elephant Bush or Jade Plant, can reach up to eight feet in height!

What Is The Hardest Succulent To Grow?

Hybrid Succulents
Compton Carousels and Silver Prince are drop-dead gorgeous succulents, but they are some of the most difficult plants to care for.

Where Do Succulents Grow Best?

Sunny spot

Succulents do best in a sunny spot in very well-drained soil. Their fleshy leaves are designed to store water, so they’re able to cope with periods of drought. Most prefer a very slightly acidic soil. Succulents will struggle to grow in poorly drained, heavy soils.

Do Succulents Like Full Sun?

Succulents love direct sun, but if yours is sitting in the same exact spot day after day, it’s likely that only one side is getting enough light. Langton and Ray suggest rotating the plant often. Succulents will lean towards the sun, so rotating them will help them stand up straight.

Do Succulents Prefer Deep Or Shallow Pots?

The best type of pot for succulents with hair roots is a shallow pot. Taproots: typically, these grow deeper in the soil in search of water. If your plant has taproots, then you must provide it with a deeper pot, which should be filled with wholesome and nourishing soil.


We went through the succulent identification guide over here. Succulents are classified into 2 types indoor succulents and outdoor succulents, on the basis of their growing habits, sunlight, the texture of the soil, climatic conditions. We listed here the 20 most popular succulents in this article.

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What is the most popular succulent

What are the most popular indoor succulents?