How to excel in the verbal section of GMAT?

The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test, and it is a competitive examination that people sit for so that they can do higher studies. One has to prepare well for months so that they can sit for this examination and qualify it with good marks.

When one sits for GMAT online – they must know the entire syllabus for the examination. There is a verbal section in this examination where one has to analyze, and comprehend the written materials, evaluate the given arguments, and demonstrate their efficiency in how well they can write in English. Getting a high score in the verbal section of this examination will also help one to pursue a degree in business administration. An overall good score in GMAT can also help one to get admission in top business schools of the country.

No matter if one is enrolled into a coaching center or they are preparing at home – one has to make a solid plan and a study routine for the months they are preparing for the examination.

GMAT syllabus for Verbal Section

The verbal section of this examination contains 3 kinds of questions:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence correction

All these question types can test the candidate on their different skills, but primarily on their verbal skills.

Reading Comprehension

The questions here mostly test the ability of the candidate to understand and analyze any sort of complex passages. One will be asked to find out the main idea of the passage, then understand the purpose of the author, and finally identify its supporting details. The candidates are also asked to draw inferences from the text, and compare it with the different ideas if present in the passage. To improve the skill of reading comprehension – one has to start reading widely (mostly newspapers, and articles), and practice answering questions by getting the key information provided there.

Critical Reasoning

CR section of a GMAT test is mostly to find out the applicant’s ability to analyze the arguments and draw conclusions logically. One is provided with an argument, and then the candidates are asked to identify the assumption that is present in the argument. They also need to evaluate the strength of the argument, and to identify the flaws present in it. If one wants to improve their critical reasoning skills, then they need to understand how to identify the various kinds of arguments. Then, one has to learn pointing the logical flaws, and find the difference between valid, and invalid reasoning.

 Sentence Correction

This section tests the ability of the candidates on how good there are in English vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Here, one has to identify the correct errors, usage, and punctuations in the given sentences. Here, one has to make the grammatically wrong sentences – right. When taking GMAT test prep online, one must learn the basic rules of grammar, and use them correctly. Plenty of practises can also help them to easily identify the errors in the sentences.

Essential Skills to master the GMAT Verbal Section

Reading Comprehension Skills

  • One has to develop the ability to skim quickly through the passage, and identify the man idea given there. It is also necessary to pick some specific details.
  • Engaging into active reading on a daily basis is the major practice point to excel here. While reading the passage – one needs to make notes, highlight all the key points, and summarise all the paragraphs.
  • It is also necessary to strengthen the vocabulary by reading majorly every day, and also by maintaining a vocabulary journal so that they can learn new words and use them.

Critical Reasoning Skills

  • One has to learn to recognize the assumptions, premises, and the conclusion in the argument to reach to a logical point.
  • One also needs to practice to find weakness and flaws present in the given argument by identifying the evidences that make the author’s position quite weak.
  • It is necessary to develop the ability to identify, and assess the underlying assumptions on which the given argument is based upon.

Sentence Correction Skills

  • One needs to review all the essential grammar rules like pronoun usage, verb agreement, verb tense, and parallelism.
  • It is necessary to understand different sentence structure like fragmented sentences, sentence modifiers, and run-on sentences.
  • Also, familiarising oneself with common idiomatic expressions and using them correctly to make a sentence look better is something one should acquire by practice.

Other techniques that make GMAT preparation better

  • One needs to learn time management. When preparing for the examination – one can allocate an hour to prepare each section because this is how one will be able to cover the syllabus. Mock tests are also arranged at coaching centers where time limits are there and one has to answer as much questions correctly during that time.
  • Creating flashcards can be very beneficial when it comes to remembering grammar rules, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. It is needed to review them daily as a part of GMAT practice.
  • Being a part of a study group can be very beneficial because here, one can get partners who are preparing for the same thing. They can discuss and debate on different topics, and also share strategies to deepen their understanding of the questions. It also enriches one’s critical thinking skills.
  • Practicing essay prompts every day is essential, and one can download sample essays from previous years’ GMAT examinations and try to solve them with strong response. It also enhances one’s communication skills.

One can download the entire GMAT syllabus from online and then form a study schedule which they need to follow at least 6 months before they sit for the examination. As everyone knows, practice makes a man perfect – one has to follow that strategy only.

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